Kingdom Outreach Center Inspires And Connects People And Communities To Churches And The Kingdom Through Events, Worship And Live Stream Radio.

At Kingdom Outreach, our focus is to connect with churches and groups to promote the gospel while providing a ministry that is committed to connecting communities to churches. In our efforts to achieve this and help to not only improve the individuals within the community but the surrounding communities as a whole, we are using today’s technologies and opportunities to promote the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom’s principles in a sophisticated culture. Our outreach remains involved with the community and strives to provide an outlet that promotes inspiration, acceptance and positiveness through means of helping others, being an asset to the community, providing weekly worships, community outreach events and a radio station to reach the masses.

Our Outreach understands how easily one can get lost in this world which is why we focus to promote each individual to seeking the kingdom of God, for a fresh vision from God, guiding them to discipleship so that they’ll then be able to lead their family and friends towards the path of God as their okios (Circle Of Influence) and continue the growth of the Kingdom outside of the Church walls.

Community Outreach Events To Help Engage Individuals and Help Them Grow Spiritually While Boosting The Community.

Leading by example is what we preach, because actions speak louder than words and Jesus wasn’t found in the churches waiting for others to come to him, but rather, he was out in the fields and towns, gathering crowds so that he could reach those that needed him most. And that’s what we’re doing by providing an outreach that’s promoting the Kingdom Culture in areas where the world’s system has suffocated the King’s purpose on this planet.

We believe in our society and feel as though church shouldn’t be confined to the walls of a church every Sunday, but instead, worship should be an everyday thing that’s creative and engages the youth and masses. This is why Kingdom Outreach provides activities outside the Church, such as: Basketball events at the local YMCA, scrapbooking outreach programs, live stream radio, and many more events, all in an effort to engage those that would otherwise miss out on the gospel.

We want to build streams and outlets throughout the community that flow into the lives of the unchurched and churched, so that people can come together and worship in traditional and nontraditional ways while improving the community and guiding those who are in need of the Kingdom of discipleship towards the word of God.

Live Stream Radio To Remain Inspired And Reach The Masses.

Kingdom Outreach provides a live stream radio that will give inspiration through music, sermons, interviews, trending topics, sports, news and more, and we encourage everyone to listen in! We are striving to use today’s technologies and opportunities to promote Kingdom principles in a fun and engaging way.

Our focus spawns from listening to the teaching so we can begin effective reaching and delivering the message of God to those who may otherwise not hear it. This is what our community outreach and live stream radio allows us to do.

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