Seeking The Kingdom of God Demands the Pursuit of Human Relationships

Our Mission Is To Make Disciples Through The Families To Encourage Spiritual Growth And Development Through  Communities

At the Kingdom Outreach Center, we focus on being developed and developing Kingdom disciples, to help impact lostness and the world systems of religion with the lived message of the Kingdom of God. When you visit our Church, you’ll notice that we are a diverse group of families passionate about the message of the Kingdom of God, believing God has
connected us together to impact lostness in this culture that often times leaves our youth, Men, Women, and elderly alike, feeling as though they are stranded without hope.

Here at Kingdom Outreach, we don’t just preach the gospel on Sundays, we live it each and every day. We firmly believe that it is the Holy Spirit’s job to change individual live’s, however, it is our duty as disciples of Christ to help guide those who are lost along the way and provide them with the tools, knowledge, guidance and resources necessary in order for you to become a disciple and achieve the Kingdom of Heaven through our Lord and Savior. We know that while God is making us, he dynamically makes disciples through us. At Kingdom Outreach Center, you’ll not only come to church, but you’ll be the church, actively moving and operating by principles of the Kingdom of God.

We Have An Understood Motto That We Love And Don’t Judge, Allowing An Atmosphere Of Growth And Grace Which Have Been Extended To Us By The King.

We have a vision of discipleship it consists of four parts:

  • Be a disciple
  • Disciple my family
  • Share my story and his stories
  • While he’s making me, be available to make disciples of those who he connects you too

At all of our gatherings we promote come as you are and we encourage community out reach, family fellowship and fun outings! We are investing in people instead of religious systems, so we’re not operating church as usual.

Mission Statement:

Being developed and developing Kingdom disciples ,to impact lostness and the world systems of religion with the lived message of The Kingdom of God.

Vision statement:

Making disciples through the families